Tune Down Lemon & Ginger CBD Seltzer



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In the words of TUNE: “Dude! Hold up a sec! I know you’ve been on that 24/7/365 grind lately - believe me, I get it. But you know you’ve got to cut loose every now and then, right? That’s where I come in. I’m Tune DOWN Seltzer, a cannabinoid-infused CBD beverage, and I’ve got exactly what you need to mellow out and slow your roll a little bit. Plus, get this - I’m lemon ginger flavored. Seriously, how chill is that?” 

Likes: drum solos, days on the lake, lemon, backyard grilling, surfing, ginger, binge-watching Fresh Prince on the tour bus 

Dislikes: not much really…it’s chill. I guess bad vibes? ha ha 

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