Gather Beverages – Let It Be Lemon Lavender Botanical Elixir with CBD – Alcohol Free and Adaptogen Infused – 25.4oz



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Let It Be is a concentrated botanical elixir made 100% organic ingredients, including functional herbal extractions, broad spectrum CBD, lavender and lemon peel. 

Gather Beverage Company has entirely reimagined our former canned, carbonated beverages with a line of botanical, functional elixirs designed to enhance any beverage. Each bottle contains 12-24 drinks for a 12.5mg or 25mg CBD dosage. 

Made specifically to calm the body and the mind, our Lemon Lavender recipe contains lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, butterfly pea flower, ginger, kaffir leaves and cardamom - all widely researched to assist in digestive health and calming the stomach as well as easing stress and calming the mind. 

Combine a 2oz (or 1oz if you prefer to ease in) into a cup of hot green tea, a glass of club soda, or craft a beautiful sober cocktail. 

How to serve: Combine two ounces into lemonade, club soda, or a sober cocktail. 

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