Gather Beverages – Higher Love Spiced Hibiscus Botanical Elixir with CBD – Alcohol Free and Adaptogen Infused – 25.4oz



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Meet Gather’s Higher Love.  

Feel how strong it can be when you combine adaptogenic herbs like astralagus, shisandra berry, horny goat weed, hibiscus, rose hips and rosebuds to support heart health, boost libido, promote reproductive wellness and szechuan peppercorn to assist with blood circulation to light the night up. Contains 25MG Broad Spectrum CBD per serving. 

Flavor notes: 

bold, tart, spicy, complex. 

Gather Beverages line of botanical, functional elixirs have been designed to enhance any beverage with adaptogens and quality ingredients - without preservatives, artificial colors, natural flavorings, or other chemicals. Their ingredients are straight from the earth - and almost exclusively organic. 


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