Gather Beverages – Drive Hopped Citrus Botanical Elixir with CBD – Alcohol Free and Adaptogen Infused – 25.4oz



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Drive Botanical Elixir is a concentrated functional non-alcoholic elixir consciously crafted in small batches with organic herbs, adaptogens, mosaic hops, citrus peel and broad spectrum CBD*. 

Formulated to assist in the connection between body and mind, foster nervous system and cognitive wellness and a calming, balancing broad spectrum CBD blend, you'll feel balanced - whatever tomorrow brings. 

Find your light with the bright, vibrant flavors of organic orange peel, lime and lemon juices, and the brain-boosting power of mosaic hops, green tea, lemon balm, ginger and orris root. 

Gather Beverage Company has entirely reimagined our former canned, carbonated beverages with a line of botanical, functional elixirs designed to enhance any beverage. Each bottle contains 12-24 drinks for a 12.5mg or 25mg CBD dosage. 

Combine a 2oz (or 1oz if you prefer to ease in) into a cup of hot green tea, a glass of club soda, or craft a beautiful sober cocktail. 


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