CÜRE – Focus Elixir – Sparkling Grapefruit CBD – 12oz



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CÜRE FOCUS Elixir infuses premium quality broad spectrum CBD (THC free) with functional herbal ingredients to provide us with the mental alertness to start our days. 

Our CBD is nano-emulsified to give fast and full absorption into our bodies. FOCUS is a crisp Grapefruit flavor and is naturally caffeinated using Green Tea extract and offers us a refreshing alternative to the usual caffeinated beverages in the morning and mid-day reset. With a blend of proprietary ingredients such as Ashwagandha Extract, Ginkgo leaf extract, and Vitamin B3, CÜRE FOCUS gives a boost of energy we need without the jittery feeling of caffeine. 

Broad Spectrum CBD 





Vitamin B-3 

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